Tunes, then and now

This is a random collection of tunes I'm listening to at the moment. This will change as I discover new music. I like looking at a wide range of tunes both new and old. I'm not focused on a particular genre as long as it makes me feel something. Hope you enjoy.


Fortunately somewhere in the USA, right now, people are making a concious decision to not take baths or wash their clothes, probably smoking drugs and making unapologetic, whiner-free rock-n-roll. 

(I had a video here of Ty Segall and White Fence, but when I checked back, I found the sound quality to be compromised somewhere in the upload process.  I didn't sound good, and we can't have that - so I removed it.  As I figure out more about how to work blogger, I will get more whiner-free rock up on the site)

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  1. If someone knows a better way to play songs in their entirety and put them up on here for free please let me know here in the comments or send me a message.