Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A sockless Bruce Berkowtiz interview at University of Miami

Bruce Berkowitz and Fairholme had a rough year in 2011 -to put it mildly- yet has significantly outperformed so far in 2012.  During 2011, Berkowitz continued to hold concentrated positions in AIG, Sears, and Bank of American which led him to dramatically trail the market.  In 2011, I noticed various talking heads proclaiming the Berkowitz had lost his touch, that he was reckless, and that he was so far under he could not liquidate his positions to meet fund redemptions.  Clearly he had lost his touch. Obviously he started taking stupid pills.  The pundits were right...wait a minute - no they weren't!  Berkowitz remained in his circle of competence, and continued to hold his positions which have produced a 36% return YTD.

Embedded below is a recent interview with Bruce Berkowitz at the University of Miami where he is the "Executive in Residence".  He speaks a bit about his General Growth Properties position, his charitable work at the Fairholme Foundation, and his work with the Secret Millionaires Club which creates cartoon webisodes to promote financial literacy for children.

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