Wednesday, October 24, 2012

East Coast Asset Management Q3 Letter - Inventing a Flying Machine

I've thought for some time now that Christopher Begg at East Coast writes one of the more interesting quarterly commentaries.  Begg always finds a unique way to tie a seemingly unrelated idea or concept to investing, underscoring Munger's philosophy of taking from all discipline's to form one's lattice work of mental models. 

Begg writes about East Coast's investment process and their use of checklists to fully understand how they see an investment and why they believe a margin of safety exists.  He also writes about the types of investments that East Coast seeks (Compounders, Transformations, and Work-Outs) and where they look to find their ideas.  East Coast prospects among the usual value suspects: spin-offs, post bankruptcy re-orgs, irrational sellers, political and economic clouds.

Embedded below is the letter in full.

East Coast 3Q 2012 Letter_Inventing a Flying Machine

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