Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not so New

Keith Trauner and Larry Pitkowsky are the founders of the Goodhaven Fund (GOODX).  The fund is relatively new, but Trauner and Pitkowsky are not, having been integral parts of the team at Fairholme (FAIRX) with Bruce Berkowitz thru his finest years of out performance.  The interview linked below talks about their time at Fariholme, their philosophy and understanding of value investing, and the low down on some of their current favorite ideas.

The fund has put up decent numbers in its short existence, beating the S&P this year, though lagging a bit since inception in 2011.  Typically value will lag in a rising market as we have seen recently, but that is not all bad.  It is a sign that the managers have a clear cut value investment process that they are sticking to.  The true test will be in a significant market draw down.  If the GOODX managers truly invest with a Ben Graham-like margin of safety, then the fund's downside should be mitigated.  Furthermore, the managers have a significant portion of their personal wealth invested in the fund, so you can be assured that portfolio decisions are being made with shareholders best interest in mind. 


disclosure: this is not a recommendation to purchase any securities mentioned in this post or anywhere on the blog.  This blog strictly expresses the opinions of the author.

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